Monday, December 04, 2006


We had an adventure last night. It was getting dark but we decided to go anyway. We went to Hidden Falls park, beneath the Ford plant and by the Mississippi river. As I said it was dark (just before 5:00pm) and only 10 degrees out, but we were dressed for it. We had our flashlights and our GPS.
It seemed to take forever to find the spot, but we did. Our flashlights seemed like pinpricks in the darkness (note to self, get bigger flashlight!) We have failed to find caches in the broad daylight, so I was thinking should we even try? But I'm glad we didn't give up.
The spot was covered with fallen trees- so many places to hide a cache. Where do you start? We found it pretty quickly though, once we started. As I was looking along a fallen tree, with my flashlight I noticed something that didn't look quite natural so I told Geoff to move it and look. There was a hollow place in the log and then Geoff found it. It was a large mayo jar covered with camo duct tape. Inside was a log book, pencil, and many trinkets to trade for. We signed the log book. There was a boyscout troop who had signed it and found it earlier that day. It's such a thrill to find the cache!
It was so interesting to find out there was a huge sub-culture of these people, AND caches everywhere! Within 10 miles of us there are 789! So fun! If you get a chance do it!

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