Friday, April 27, 2007

A day to remember!

It was a race to get this one!

The state of Montana is running a promotion by hiding geocoins in the Twin Cities.
There is a new cache hidden every week with the clues posted online at 5PM Friday. The first three to find it get a special coin and are entered into a contest for fabulous prizes.

Well, Geoff was bound and determined that we were going to win this week.

We were on the computer at 4:45 waiting for the clues to be posted and lo and behold, they pointed to Midwest Mountaineering down on the West Bank, just minutes from home!

We were so excited, we got down there by 5:08!

We looked and looked and looked. Eventually, there were quite a few other seekers around but no one could figure out where it was.

Finally a couple of ladies asked the store personnel what was going on and it turned out that somehow the cache (a wooden box about the size of a breadbox) had gotten turned in to the office and never gotten put back out to be found! So they agreed to just bring the box down and hand out the coins.

So the two ladies were the first ones in line for the coins and Geoffrey had been talking to them and made friends with them so he was the second one!

Geoff said "It was a happy day."

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