Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Caching again

We (Dave and I) went caching last night about 10:30p. I just want to convey how wonderful it was. It had rained almost all day, and then stopped about 9p. So it was misty and the smell from all the blooming trees was intoxicating!

The first one we hit was a cache in a trendy area in the SW part of Mpls. I had walked by this one during the day, but there were so many people around I just couldn't find it without feeling weird. It was in a phone booth!? I didn't know there were any of these around anymore.

The second was in a park (as most are). Of course it was dark, so we brought flashlights. The clue was good, but the cache doesn't light up to say "here I am", you just have to keep searching until you find it. We had almost given up when Dave leaned on the log and magically (almost like in the movies) it rolled over. Turned out it was under what looked like a RR tie that was full of holes. Under, but in one of the holes. Cool!

The third was on a bridge! Bridge you say, how? Well It was a metal bridge and we knew from others hidden by this cacher that his signature hide is an Altoids tin with a magnet inside. So we had it narrowed down to a small area. Dave had climbed up on the railings to search the outside of the bridge, but I just kept thinking it must be lower. I was drawn to the lowest rail, I reached down and felt the outside of the rail, and there it was. These caches are small so there's not much inside except a log book, a pencil and maybe a small trinket. But it's so fun to finally find it. We stood on the bridge and gazed at the downtown skyline, reflected in the water, just beautiful. I said "This is living" This is a great hobby.


el norteno said...

It sure was wonderful. A night to remember for sure. Oh, and don't forget The Kiss! Love u.

Deb said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh....Sounds like you had a great time.:)
Thanks for the updates and pictures of Angie & kids.

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